How Helpful Are Essential Oils for Healthy Physique?

Many health instructors and physicians are recommending essential oil for use these days. One of the major reasons for such recommendation is the fact that they are derived from organic components and are good for overall health and well being of the user. Moreover they are extracted from reusable products and therefore are eco-friendly as well.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are basically liquids distilled using steam or water from various organic components. Such organic components could be stems, flowers, leaves, roots, barks or other such plant elements. While the name is Lemongrass Oil the feel of the product is not oily at all. Instead they are very clear and some of them are even amber or yellow colored. Examples are lemongrass, patchouli, and orange.

Contains True Essence of Plants

Retention of true essence of the plants is one of the major characteristics of the oils. Highly concentrated, a little oil can run a long way. However they are not like the perfumes or fragrance oils. Essential are natural and organic products while perfumes and fragrance oils are artificial and synthetic products. While essential are used for aromatherapy, fragrance or perfumes cannot be used for such purposes.

Benefits of Oils

A couple of important benefits of using essential are as follows.

  • Chemical composition as well as aroma can help valuable psychological as well as therapeutic benefits.
  • These oils are used in form of inhalers as well as diluted oil for the skin.
  • Essential oils are used by diluting them with some carrier oils like the sweet almond oil, grape seed oil or even the apricot kernel oil. Thereafter the combination is applied on the skin so that the oil would be absorbed.
  • Therapeutic benefits are derived from use of essential oils since the molecules are absorbed in the bloodstream through the lungs.

Form of Essential in Sale

Usually the oils are sold in small bottles for individual use. However, they can vary widely in terms of quality and price. Rarity of the source plant, environmental situation of the regions from where such plants are procured and amount of oil produced by the plants are all factors determining the form, quality, and price of essential oils.

Best buy is blended essential oils that contain all types of essential in one mix sparing the user from buying different oils.

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